Assembly 8

26th June 2024

This page holds the recording and papers for the eighth LSC VCFSE Assembly, held on June 26th 2024.

Open to all VCFSE organisations operating in the area who want to stay informed on this partnership journey, the Assembly provides a space to hear about and influence the developing ICS - VCFSE Partnership Programme. It offers opportunities to get involved by; helping develop the functions and focus of the groups the Assembly requires, hear from system partners about their system-wide plans and activities, and become involved in their design / delivery / evaluation. It also aims to surface common issues and find ways to resolve them with partners. 

If you'd like to become involved please email: Stephanie Gorner - Community Futures' Business Support. 

Assembly 8 took place online. Please see our YouTube video for the recording.

We used Assembly 8 as an opportunity to gather thoughts and insights on how to best shape our upcoming in-person Assembly 9 in September.

This decision is based on feedback from previous assembly meetings and input from a spontaneous group of voluntary sector organisations. All emphasising the need for the VCFSE assembly to be more proactive and interactive.


Brief Rep & Alliance Updates

Programmge & State of the Sector Updates

Comms Check In


Shape Assembly 9 - September's In Person Assembly

"Becoming more proactive & interactive"

  • What are your 3 key priorities for VCFSE reps to pursue in ICS meetings/programmes?
  • Gather consensus & common themes.
  • How will we measure progress/success?
  • How will we support each other?



Next Steps


2:00 - 2:30: Information/Updates

2:30 - 3:30: Influence

3:30 - 4:00: Close

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